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The Iowa Blues Showcase features local, regional, and national blues artists. It is both new live shows, and archive shows going back to the 1980s.


Tonight we listen to Steve George and the Other Brothers, circa 2004 at Smoky's BBQ.  Iowa Blues Hall of Famer Steve George is joined by Jono Smith guitar and vocal, John Lee Egan Bass, Don Brown Sax, Gary Lofstadt drums, Bryan Martens Keys.  

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September 24, 2018

IBSC 122 John, Tom and Jono

Lots of fun playing blues, talking blues, updates and news!  Plus we have letters, we get letters, we get stacks and stacks of letters!!!

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Tonight we have a discussion of Blues its history, as well as how politics and religion are intangled in the blues.  We also cover the blues and how its influenced popular music and culture.  

My guest is the Rev. Tim Hammet.  This is a great discussion that I would love for any of my history students to listen to.  Granted in an hour it is hard to cover everything.  so I look forward to having a couple more of these discussions in the future. 

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