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The Iowa Blues Showcase features local, regional, and national blues artists. It is both new live shows, and archive shows going back to the 1980s.


The thirteenth episode of the regional local Iowa Blues Showcase.  a podcast in a podcast!!!!  Tonight we listen to Big De, Rob Lumbard, Curry Harter, The Backstage Boogie Band, Tom Gary, The Blue Collar Band, The Blues Notions, Sherry Lueders, Tina Haas Finley, Fat Tuesday with Jimmy Pryor.  

Lots of fun tonight!

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Tonight we listen to select cuts from the 1997 CD release of the Blues Notions called This Is It!!!!  It features Tom Trashmouth Baker on Harmonica and vocals, David the Professor Creighton on Hammond and piano, Karl Angerer on guitar, and Tim Osburn on drums.  Joining them are Lee McBee on harmonica, Paul Hartfield on bass, Joe Miquelon Tenor and Alto saxophones, and Carl Bender on Bari Sax.  


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Tonight we listen to some more great Regional and Local midwest blues.  We start off with Kansas City's John Paul Drum and the Hell Hounds, Then follow with Patrick Hazel, Alien Corn, the Blue Band, Jono Smith, Erick Hovey, Chicago Rick Lussie, Dennis McMurran, Jimmy Pryor and the Griese fire horns, Gary Smith, and Rob Lumbard.   


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Another oldie!  Tonight we listen to a recording of John Paul and the HellHounds from around 1988-1990 at the Grand Emporium in Kansas City Misssouri.  This show was the original Hellhounds led by John Paul Drum on vocal and harmonica, with Tony Anderson on guitar, Tom Gary on piano, Joe Whitfield on bass, and John Hobbs on drums.  John Paul was opening for the great blues legend Junior Wells.  It was a great night and meeting Junior wells was amazing. 

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Tonight we listen to John Paul Drum from 1994 live at the Tuba in Kansas City Missouri with his Hellhounds.  

This version of the band still had original member Tony Anderson on guitar, with TilneyErhardt on keys, Floyd Gardner on bass, and Woody Davis on drums.   Of course John is on the blazing harmonica and vocals. 

The tape was originaly recorded live at the Tuba on August 25th 1994  by Bentley Ously of Pragmatic Studios in Kansas City Kansas. 

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Tonight is the eighth installment of local and regionial blues.  We listen to Jono Smith, Patrick Hazel, Rob Lumbard, Erick Hovey, JC Anderson, Hawkeye Herman, Jimmy Pryor, Joe Price, Dan Doran, Gary Smith, Molly Nova, and Taz Grant.   Its a great show!!!!  

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From 1988 its  Blue Collar, a band that I played with in Kansas City.  This is our original music ( i was wrong on the intro, when I thought it had cover tunes.  I was actualy listening to two tapes at the time:-)  It features Rick Jaques on Guitar, bass, drums and vocals, Tom Gary on Keyboard, guitar, key bass, and vocal, and Dave McConnel on Drums and back up vocals.  It was recorded by Rick Jaques sometime around 1988.  It is a mono mix, but sounds great.  Somewhere I have most of these songs in stereo and with Dave on lead vocals.  Look for a part two:-)

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February 19, 2018

IBSC 91 Local and Regional 5

The fourth in our series of local and regional blues artists.  Tonight we hear, Bob Dorr and the Blue Band, Rob Lumbard in Two Bobs and a Babe, The Blues Instegators, Shade of Blue, Rush Cleveland, Ron Hill, The Soul Searchers, Jeff Stratton, Erick Hovey, John Paul Drum and the Hell Hounds, and April May!

That is a great show!!!

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December 25, 2017

IBSC 83 Christmas Blues Redux

yup our first repeat, but this one's important since it is the Blue Bands last dance.   This show features a lot of Bob Dorr and the Blue band, with songs also by Rob Lumbard, Max Wellman, Tina Haas Finley, Jono Smith, John Evans, and Brian Holtz.  This is probably my favorite podcast.  Have a Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year!!!

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Tom Gary  

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Another cool local and regional blues artists show.  This show features Bob Dorr and the Blue Band, Jeff Peterson, Rob Lumbard, Dan Doran, John Paul and the Hell Hounds, and Jono Smith.  

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