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The Iowa Blues Showcase features local, regional, and national blues artists. It is both new live shows, and archive shows going back to the 1980s.


Another shot of Steve George with the Other Brothers from 2003 at the Hull Ave.  This show features Jono Smith on guitar and vocal, John lee Eagan on bass, Gary Lofstadt on drums, Bryan Martens on keys, and Tony Waddle on Sax. 

Cool show!  Enjoy!!


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Tonight we listen to Steve George and the Other Brothers, circa 2004 at Smoky's BBQ.  Iowa Blues Hall of Famer Steve George is joined by Jono Smith guitar and vocal, John Lee Egan Bass, Don Brown Sax, Gary Lofstadt drums, Bryan Martens Keys.  

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The tenth installment of regional local blues.  Tonight we listen to the first recording of the Tom Gary Blues Band from 1992.  Some selections from Blues before Sunset, Blues for Baghdad, and some Backstage Boogie Band.  

Artist we will hear tonight:  Tom Gary, Dave Nesvette, Rongo Miller, Tracy Murphy, Big Daddy Dennis Kain, Steve George and the Other Brothers, Fat Tuesday featuring Scott Long, Greg Sutherland, and Jimmy Pryor, Dougie Fresh Trammell, Byron Wells, and Rick Mosqueda.  

Lots of Fun!

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Tonight we listen to the Blue Band live at studio 3 sometime in the mid to late 90s.  This is a recording off a VHS tape, so there is a slight warble at the begining, but it ok ten seconds in.  The show features Bob Dorr on vocal and harmonica, Molly Nova on bass, violin, and vocal, Jeff Petersen on guitar and vocal, Dan Magarrell on sax, guitar and vocal, Ellery Temple on Keys, bass, and vocal, Bryce Loshman on drums.   

The show was originally produced for TV by IPTV.

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 This is our 9th installment of our semi monthly series. Tonight we listen to Rob Lumbard, the Soul Searchers, Madam Jules, Matt Woods, Catfish Keith, Jimmy Pryor, Dennis McMurrin, David Zollo, Heath Allen, Bob Dorr, and the Bad Boys of the Blues featuring Jon East.  

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Tonight is the eighth installment of local and regionial blues.  We listen to Jono Smith, Patrick Hazel, Rob Lumbard, Erick Hovey, JC Anderson, Hawkeye Herman, Jimmy Pryor, Joe Price, Dan Doran, Gary Smith, Molly Nova, and Taz Grant.   Its a great show!!!!  

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Its the second birthday of the Iowa Blues showcase podcast!!!!!!!  

Tonight we are playing regional and local blues (plus one international blues performer!!!!)  Its a cast of thousands!!!!  

we feature tonight: Jimmy Pryor, Chicago Rick, Gene Jackson, Jono Smith, John Lee Eagan, Frank Strong, Matt Woods, Kent Burnside, Madam Jules, Jon East, Norman Su, Scott Hartung, Rob Lumbard, Bob Dorr, Molly Nova, Joe Price, Patrick Hazel, Scott Long, and Greg Sutherland!   

That's a show!!!!!

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May 7, 2018

IBSC 102 Rob Lumbard

Tonight we feature Rob Lumbard's self titled cassette on the Iowa Blues Showcase.  It was recorded probably in 1993 according to Rob after he opened for Lyle Lovette in Des Moines.  It was produced by Bob Cook in his studio. Also on the recording was Larry Chambers on drums, and Melaine Wright on vocals, with Bob Cook on Harmonica.

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A treasure in the archive!!!  Found a bootleg recording of the April show of season 2 of the Iowa Blues Showcase!!!   WOW!  This show featured Sam Salamone and Jody Bodley.   I don't remember who recorded the show, I just remember the previous month a person asked to record it for us and we said yes:-)   

Director of Bands was Jono Smith, with John Lukehart, Tom Gary, Frank Strong, Gil Davis, and Dave Andrews.  

Show show was later produced for podcast by Tom Gary.  

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Tom Gary

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WARNING Adult Langauge

Yup, its another regional local blues showcase.  Tonight we feature the Backstage Boogie Band Plus my ode to Jimmy Pryor, Big Daddy Dennis Kain, Jimmy Pryor, Curry Harter, Lighting Red, Rob Lumbard, Madam Jules, and Johnny Reeferseed.

SO, beware, Johnny Reeferseed and Afroman, yup, that Afroman from the end of the movie Clerks perform Jamie Grim's (Johnny Reeferseed) hit Light em Up.  They use a lot of foul language so senstive ears avoid the show:-)  I love the song, but I understand if you have children who listen to the show avoid this show.  THANKS!

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